Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut Champagne Review

To treat myself on New Year’s Eve I decided to crack open a bottle of Laurent-Perrier’s Rosé Brut that I’ve had in the cellar for a while. Due to the beautiful shape of the bottle, it doesn’t fit in my wine rack and I was a bit concerned that the cork was drying out so I thought I better get it open.

This champagne was first released in 1968 by Laurent-Perrier in a bid to make sure that everyone realised rosé could be classy, if done well. Laurent-Perrier’s is 100% Pinot Noir rather than a blend or red and white and the grapes are sorted twice before being crushed for 36 hours resulting in the deep colour.

The bottle’s curved stance is most appealing, especially paired with the pink label and rose gold foil. It promotes a feminine shape and style but not in a stuffy way that can sometimes be a little forced or patronising.

The champagne itself is quite a deep salmon pink, it’s fairly lightly sparkling in comparison to other champagnes I’ve had recently which helps you to really taste the depth of flavour.

Taste Notes: At first sip you’ll find notes of strawberries, tart raspberries and summer fruits but this swiftly becomes enhanced with aromas of basil, peppery flavours and a slight hint of balsamic.

I wish I’d had some salmon blinis to have alongside the rosé as it would pair with fish beautifully. I also wish I hadn’t had several Porn Star Martinis afterwards but isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing.

Happy New Year x

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