A weekend without wine, a poem

A weekend without wine 

Would probably be fine 

If people weren’t so boring 

But the trouble is 

Without a bit of fizz 

I find them substantially deploring 



A Sunday well spent 

Brings a week of content 

But not if you’re wineless and cranky

Not even Strictly you see 

Could fill me with glee 

When my wine glass is horribly empty 



This could be a sign

I’m addicted to wine 

But it’s more of a hobby to me 

For I could go a week 

A month looks more bleak 

And replace wine completely with tea 



Now don’t get me wrong 

I love an Oolong

But it’s really not quite the same 

For caffeine lacks 

What alcohol packs 

Enjoyment, bad decisions and shame 



So now it is Sunday 

And tomorrow is Monday 

I might have to just have a smidge

And off I shall go 

To a wine tasting show

Tomorrow, at Huntingdon’s Old Bridge 


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