No wine, just whining

Recently, on Twitter, a chap you can find at @wildforest_matt tweeted ‘Listening to the excellent @TovarCerulli. Are the Vegetarian and the Hunter actually closer than you would think? Both care about animals and nature, both think about the ethics of their food.

It amazes me that people haven’t seen this sooner, although I wouldn’t go so far as to put the two alongside. A hunter shooting a rabbit and eating it is about as ethical as food comes. I’m not going to go into the Vegetarian/Vegan debate, they’re only barely 2% of the population and frankly, anyone who thinks wool is cruel needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

My dad is a big meat eater, he literally clears up at BBQs, it’s both gross and impressive at the same time. However, he’s started to get a bit emotional recently about chicken. “Every time we buy chicken wings,” he says between mouthfuls, “they have a broken bone somewhere, there ought to be a law against it, greedy fucking supermarkets.” These chicken wings were from Waitrose no less, a supplier you expect to take care of their birds at the prices they charge. Is it supermarkets we blame or consumers?

It’s about time it was the supermarkets. Tesco have been bullying farmers down on their prices for years and if they won’t budge in this country, they’ll go abroad. Another thing my dad has said recently (I think when I went off on a tangent about plastic) was that ‘To go forwards, we need to go back.’ Packaging has become outrageous, ‘touch-free’ was marketed by Sainsbury’s not long ago, they weren’t even joking. It’s only if you go to your local butchers that you will be given a humble brown paper bag with a steak wrapped in brown paper.

There’s plastic, ethics of animals, halal meat, food waste (which I’ve ranted about before), population issues, we’re running out of water and what should this all make you do? Buy local, shop local and support locals.

For Rutland & surrounding residents here is a little guide to help:

Langham Lamb – for those minty lamb burgers

New Lodge Farm – for meat, veg, the best cakes, condiments, all the yummy farm shop things.

Farmer Lou – All things pork and lamb, any size, any sausage.

Uppingham Market – On Fridays, excellent fishmonger.

Head for the centre of Uppingham early morning Friday.

Oakham Wines – Harrish even sells Whispering Angel rosé.

Stamford Market – On Fridays, you can buy honey from local expert Theo Gillick, veg, meat, biscuits, eggs, all the things.

Head to Broadstreet early on Friday morning.

Hambleton Bakery – For the most delicious bread in the world, and cakes and things.

Rutland Charcuterie – All the meats & hampers

Please feel free to add your own to this list!

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