Are you REDy for Easter?

Well are you? Do you have the necessary wine lined up for Goose, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, a Nut roast or whatever you may be eating on Sunday? Do you have a port for the cheese, a pudding wine for the pavlova and a champagne to get things going? You’re not even NEARLY prepared are you, I knew it. I have quite the stockpile of extREDordinary wines piling up at home, mostly red wine, hence the teREDible puns I’ve been throwing out there. Well, to help you out, here are some of the wines I’ve been enjoying lately:

Barón de Ley Reserva 2013


This was reduced in Waitrose in Stamford when I bought it and it is a BIG Rioja. Loving a capital letter this evening aren’t I. It is purely Tempranillo grapes, it’s got a long taste to it but is quite drying in that sense. The deep fruity flavours combined with the sweet tangy cherry notes makes it very enjoyable, almost like a dessert in itself really.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Chianti Classico 2015


If you like yourself a Chianti, you’ll love this although it’s a bit steep compared to some of the quite good supermarket Chianti’s at £15.50 a bottle. It’s a solid 14%, another rich red with sweet cherry flavours and plenty of robustness to give you beautiful red wine lip liner. I think this would be ideal with some cheese…

Berry Bros. & Rudd Reserve Red 2016


This is a bit of Merlot, some Syrah and finished off with Grenache, which, softly combined by Collovray & Terrier has produced a most enjoyable reserve red, perfect for everyday drinking or relatives that tend to guzzle wine at impressive speeds. This is £8.75 so really good value.

Kilikanoon Killermans Run Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2016


I have absolutely no idea where I got this from which is terrible I know. But you can order it on Amazon for £14.99…if you trust Amazon sending you wine. It’s probably from Waitrose, who knows. This is a bit softer than the other reds, but still on the bold side of things thanks to that big Grenache impact. Yummy.

Château Tour Bel Air, Montagne-Saint-Emilion 2014


If you’re reading this and you’re from Stamford, you should be able to get a bottle from Adnams! If you’re not from Stamford, unlucky, but there are lots of independents selling it online and it’s definitely worth the postage. This is a perfectly balanced red, it doesn’t knock you out, your tongue remains intact after a couple of glasses and it’s extremely drinkable so you’re likely to have more than a few. A really lovely bouncy red, most enjoyable.

Some websites to help you with your shopping:



Berry Bros. & Rudd

Have a fantastic Easter!

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