2013 Berry Bros. & Rudd English Sparkling Wine by Gusbourne Estate

We know what Champagne is, we’ve done Prosecco, but is it time for an English Sparkling Wine revolution? I was a ‘Remainer’, but with Brexit well and truly on the cards, I really think it’s about time we embraced more of our own stuff, don’t you?

I’ve mentioned Nyetimber in the past, which is probably one of my favourites in the fizzy variety. However, since a near-death hangover from Taittinger I’ve been steering well clear (aside from last weekend and that other time) of anything remotely Champagne-like. That’s why I actually offered this bottle to some friends to drink, with the slight threat that they would owe me a review in return. Alas, their initial enthusiasm soon lost it’s spark and so you’re stuck with my opinion from a couple of sips I’m afraid.


2013 Berry Bros. & Rudd English Sparkling Wine by Gusbourne Estate

The first very noticeable thing about this sparkling wine (for me) is that it’s really biscuity, verging on a ginger biscuit actually. It is a blend of 72% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Noir and 6% Pinot Meunier and benefited from more than 18 months on the lees. It’s a refreshing drink with minimal acidity and a nice balance of crispness and appley sweetness.

This sparkling wine retails at £25.95.

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