Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne Review

Champagne hangovers are the worst hangovers, it’s a fact.

I’ve started doing this really weird thing when I’m drunk. I think it’s in a desperate attempt to re-hydrate myself but no matter what state I’m in I will have a little shower before bed. What I really need is a gallon of water and some paracetamol but drunk me clearly has other ideas.

This happened on Saturday night, the reason? About a million bottles of Taittinger.

Tis the season for catching up with old friends and so on Saturday I met up with two guys I went to school with, George and Luke. They were already well on their way in Paten & Co, Stamford’s latest new hang out, and when I got there it was a delightful surprise to be greeted with a bucket of ice and champagne. Maybe I’m sounding pretentious now but it was followed by another and another and another and here I am, happy to have got through Sunday without dying.

I’m ashamed to say that I did not practice what I’ve been preaching, the thought of a Corpse Reviver made my heart palpitate even more, vodka and pepper, you must be having a laugh. Instead I struggled through the task of sorting out six horses in the snow, with the occasional alka seltza, staying horizontal every five minutes or so to keep it down and a lot of lucozade. A cheese toasty went a long way to bringing me back from the troll-like state I was in, and I finished the day extremely satisfied with the return of some sort of health.

So Taittinger…

Here’s an excerpt from Jancis Robinson’s website that briefly explains the history of the champagne:

Under the direction of François Taittinger, the company’s cellars were established in the Abbey of Saint-Nicaise, built in the thirteenth century in Gallo-Roman chalk pits dating from the fourth century. After François’ death in an accident, his brother Claude took over and directed the business from 1960 to 2005. It was during this time that Taittinger became a champagne house of world renown. Today Taittinger is considered one of the finest Champagne houses of them all and boosts some delicious wines.

I also read on Wine Searcher that Taittinger is one of only five champagne houses to still cellar its wines in the famous ‘Crayères’ of Reims- chalk caves that were originally dug out by the Romans. I shall have to visit…

Taittinger Brut Reserve, Champagne NV Review

This is a very tight, dry and lively champagne. It’s weighty (hence the hang) with good acidity and notes of freshly baked lemon drizzle. There’s a hint of mushroomy notes too which is the yeast fullness of this champagne I think. I don’t recommend drinking several bottles in quick succession but it’s a fantastic champagne.

Thank you to Andy Hay photography for the great snap of the Taittinger wall, see his Flickr account here.

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