Monday Moans

Food waste is back in the news and isn’t it a bloody disaster. Journalists are literally sticking their noses in Brit’s fridges, pulling their sassiest expression before announcing that they’ve found yet another family who throws food away each week, breaking bloody news. Call me ignorant but I don’t see people going into landfills and counting uneaten carrots, the massive food waste problem is predominantly down to supermarkets.

I like to go to the gym fairly late so that I can pop to Waitrose on my way home and see if any tasty items have been reduced to 10p. I’m well aware that I am taking care of their supply chain in doing so, whoever over ordered that Scottish salmon is simply transferring the blame to the household. Milk is always in the reduced section, and if they can’t get rid of it to shoppers with large enough freezers, off it goes to waste. At least in France they’re sensible enough to have put a law in place which requires supermarkets to donate wasted food to charities. Here, we seem to think it’s better to let people starve than eat something that’s a few hours over its sell-by date.

Tesco’s April 2017 report showed that the supermarket threw away 59,400 tonnes of food in 2015/16 – and that’s just the stuff they declared. It’s brave of them too, none of the other big supermarkets released actual figures on their food waste count. Sadly, wonky veg boxes just aren’t cutting the mustard, supply chains are clearly still crap, something needs to be done. In thousands of years time, when we’re all dead and buried, there are going to be people (maybe aliens) digging up remains and finding obesity alongside starvation and wondering what sort of hell we lived in.

Wine struggles to go out of date, in fact the best stuff just gets better with age, like cheese. Let’s all live off cheese and wine, and cured meats, and maybe olives too, grow the veg at home and visit the local butchers for the rest, wouldn’t that be blissful.

San Antolin Reserva 2010

This is a Spanish wine, it’s produced from the Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon grape, it’s 14% and you can buy it from Waitrose for a cheeky tenner and get 1p back. I really didn’t need it after having quite a boozy weekend but Sunday evenings require wine in front of the fire and this served the purpose. It’s a yummy red that vanishes from the glass at an alarming rate. Very ripe, fruity, plum flavours with a smoky finish.


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