The Monday Struggle

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’ve got a stonking hangover. I think I’ve managed to keep it firmly under wraps so far today, but my usually flowing mane is screwed up into a terrifying Einsteinesque ball of fluff on my head which may have given it away. I know I shouldn’t be in this state on a Monday, it’s terrible behaviour, it truly is but we just got a little carried away.

After what was looking like quite a sedate weekend (I went to bed with Dan Brown’s book at 8:30pm on Saturday night) things really took a turn for the worse on Sunday. I went to a friends for a roast, taking with me just one bottle of wine because Edward wasn’t sure if he had any, and an apple pie.

There was a bottle open when I got there, another lined up courtesy of Ruth and then mine and then I really don’t know why we didn’t stop there, but we had three more, between three of us. So this is going to be a very gym-fueled-alcohol-free-week again while I try and undo the damage done.  I also have plenty to look forward to this week…Peaky Blinders on Wednesday, Flower Club this evening, I need to catch up on Dave, I’m hoping my order from Adidas will be delivered, that sort of thing, healthy stuff.

Prior to Sunday, there was a hint of sophistication as I cracked open a bottle of fizz to review while sat in front of the fire with the doggies. It’s one of those exciting sparkling wines where you have to use a bottle opener because the cork’s actually right in there, with just a fancy bit of string keeping it under control. This only really works with frizzante wines I believe because they’re so lightly sparkling, they don’t need to be locked down quite so much.

Frizzante means gently sparkling in Italian, look for pétillant in French and Spritzig in German.

This was a lone survivor from Twelve Green Bottles, I think everything else was consumed within the same month of the box arriving.

Villa Domiziano Frizzante Rosato, Veneto Italy, 11% and £10.99 here.

FullSizeRender (12)IMG_0087

This is a fruity number, it’s almost orange in colour and ever so gently sparkling. It tastes like it doesn’t really have any alcohol in it which is a bit dangerous really isn’t it. I don’t think I would buy it again, it didn’t really stand out but it’s definitely a handy bottle to have in the summer with some shellfish.

And a few photos from last night’s ‘school night’ disaster:

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