The Squid’s Fist – Wine Review

This is another wine from Some Young Punks – the funky enterprise over in Southern Australia who I’m a huge fan of. I loved Naked on Roller Skates, Passion Has Red Lips was divine and I have to say, I partially enjoyed this too.

The grape variety of this wine, which is from their 2015 vintage works out at 35% Shiraz and 65% Sangiovese. Tell me what’s the first thing you think of when you think squid? Mine is calamari, followed by ink, black ink. Well, this is a deep dark wine, with a vice like grip so the brilliant illustration by Asaf Hanuka (IL) works perfectly.

It says on the Some Young Punks website that the 2015 vintage is from a new and improved site, not from their roots. The grapes were co-fermented for around 10 days on skins and pressed to stainless. 50% of the wine was matured in stainless and the remainder in old French barriques, it is 14%.

As you may already know, Sangiovese has been a big name in central Italy for years and is often the dominant grape in their red wines. I think the 65% of Sangiovese is perhaps a little high (I could definitely be wrong) but it’s overpowering, acidic and quite dry. The Shiraz lends some rescue making the overall taste quite nice once you get used to it, but it’s a very very savoury wine with a lot of intensity. I’d buy it again as a gift for my Dad who loves big punchy wines, but it’s a bit heavy for me.

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