Dog Greeting Etiquette & Claret

You may have gathered, I bloody love dogs, especially my two little rascals Chunky and Olive. I love all dogs, but I have to admit I do get scared when it comes to bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and anything that looks a bit like them. To conquer this fear, if I see a dog out and about I make myself say hello to it sometimes without even acknowledging the owner, it’s probably quite rude.

I did it again today, I saw this beautiful border terrier in the park behind where I work and I just sort of strode over to him and started fussing his smoochy little hairy cuddly face. It didn’t even occur to me that on the end of his lead was a woman probably having a private chat with her friend. When you eventually ‘come to’ from the doggy trance and say an awkward ‘thank you’ what is the correct answer the dog owner should give? I’ve never really thought about it until today but it’s a hilarious gauche moment of Great British politeness. The lady with the border terrier today sort of said ‘ok then’ and probably followed it with ‘you absolute weirdo’ in her head as I thanked her and went on my way.

The next time someone does it to Chunky or Olive I’m going to see what comes out, will I say; you’re welcome, thank you, that’s a fiver please, or just one of my horse like laughs I do in awkward situations, we’ll see.

Talking about doggies…I recently popped over to see my friend’s new doberman puppy (the one in the pic). He’s bought her as a guard dog and she is indeed very big and scary but gorgeous looking. I was somewhat surprised to be offered wine, prawns and crisps, so of course here is a review of said wine:

Tanners Wine Merchants Claret, Bordeaux, 13% and £8.95 here

Edward had absolutely no idea where this was from or whether it was drinkable. It was surprisingly lovely. I also really enjoyed opening it with a proper cork screw, none of this levered nonsense for softy’s. The wine is 65% Merlot, 30% Cabernet France and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s full-bodied but really easy drinking, tasty wine that you could reach for every day. I also quite like the label.

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