Kedgeree and a lovely bottle of Riesling 25/09/2017

That’s all I wanted for my birthday…some German wine and a breakfast dish and I’m as content as a sausage dog wrapped in a blanket (the new sausage dog jumper is from Joules.) The beautiful duo was finished off with a delicious pavlova, so I did rather well.

It had been a rather winey week actually, I’ve been looking back through my photos slightly panicking that I have so many to reviews to do, I might just mention a few.

I’ve learned so much lately from reading and speaking to people, it’s all become one big wine cloud in my head, but there’s plenty room for more.

Riesling is a good place to start. I requested a German bottle because one automatically thinks Germany when you think of Riesling. However, South Australia and Northern parts of Europe also have the perfect conditions to grow the vines. They like it cool.

As you may know, Rieslings tend to be light in alcohol content (around the 9.5% mark usually) extremely refreshing, bouncy and fruity. They’re also capable of ageing really well in the bottle, one of those fine wines that just gets better and better. I suppose I really like it because it smells delicious, tastes sweet and pairs beautifully with food, most of the time anyway.


Kendermeanns Riesling Mosel, Germany, 8.5% £7.50 in Morrisons

This washed the kedgeree down immaculately and even dad thought it was ‘very tasty’ which was a real shock, especially as it was only 8.5% – he’s usually only into strong alcoholic wines. At only £7.50 a pop it’s really worth a try if you’re not sure of your opinion on Rieslings. I also found it to be slightly spritzy, apparently this isn’t rare for this particular grape, especially when bottled early.

The other thing I’m going to mention is my quick visit into Adnams in Stamford. This charming spacious shop always has wines, whiskies and vodkas out to try and knowledgeable (staff sounds wrong) but staff, to tell you all about the bottles you’re trying, buying or simply looking at, without being annoying.

I tried a delicious Chianti, created for Adnams themselves that I can’t find on their website but it’s the far left in the photo.


Also to finish off:

Le Froglet Shiraz, 2016, France, £8 from M&S

This was a spontaneous purchase from an M&S at the garage because quite simply, my nickname is Boglet and it sounds similar. It tastes really great, soft, fruity with low tannin’s. A lovely tipple for any day of the week.





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