Wine of the weekend 18/09/2017

I’m currently dealing with what I’m sure is a two-day hangover, I’m still immensely dehydrated and tender but here I am, battling it out at work, writing up blog posts in my lunch break.

Every time this happens, I ask myself why? I never used to get hangovers so why do they hit me like a tonne of bricks now. Not why did I drink so much, I know full well I’m a functional alcoholic. I used to brag about how flat coke was all you needed the day after, followed by a cheeky jog and a cup of tea. Now I need an IV drip and ten alka seltzers before I can speak, it’s just not cricket. That being said I did do quite well with getting the horses done and then I went wakeboarding because I thought, if anything will sort me out it’s jumping in a freezing cold lake, I’m terribly dramatic aren’t I.

I’m beginning to think it’s my inability to drink grapes all night. It all started so well with a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the Cosy Club followed by the Wine Bar’s delightful Prosecco. “I’ll stick to grapes and I’ll be fine,” I announced to the group then probably 5 minutes after this  I was licking salt off my hand and ordering a rum and coke. A couple of jagerbombs and a cigarette later I was well and truly trolleyed so I took myself home before the drunk dancing came out of the bag.

Prior to Saturday night, who we have the lovely Chelsea to blame for, I did crack open a bottle of red at home, shock. It’s been one of the most unsatisfying reds to date, I don’t know how else to describe it.

Domaine des Chezelles, Pinot Noir, France, 2012, 12%

This wine has about as much character as a raisin. It’s minerally but predominantly because it tastes of water. This makes it very drinkable but again, because it tastes of air. I don’t really understand why it’s lacking so much, the producers of the wine sound fantastic and they’re a private company that only really distribute to visiting clients. This was £8.99 from Twelve Green Bottles.

On Vivino (the app) you will find a review that says: “Very disappointing, lack of bouquet. Flaccid, dull and boring” they could be talking about an ex husband, but they’re reviewing this wine, not a mistake to make twice.





























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