A very belated weekend post 30/08/2017

I read something the other day that said; ‘Things Brits are shocked by: how dark it is, how hot it is, how cold it is, what the time is…’ you get the idea. But on a serious note, the Earth needs to calm down on its tilt because we did not get enough notice that the sun was drawing the curtains at half eight instead of tenish, it’s just not on, it’s so bloody dark. A friend of mine got caught out the other day and had to hack home (a hack is taking one’s horse around the countryside for exercise) in the dark, it’s just as well George is sensible and Edward eats his carrots.

I’ve left this blog post a bit late really, and I’m really struggling to babble on about the weekend now it’s already wednesday, a bank holiday monday always catches me out, but here goes:

Friday @ The Exeter Arms 

I had to go back through my photos to remember what I was actually doing on Friday evening which has made me realise how terrible I’d be if I was caught up in a murder. “What were you doing two weeks ago on a Thursday Miss Fenn?” Honestly I haven’t got a frigging clue, guilty.

Amongst the photos was a gorgeous shot of Eliza sat outside this delightful pub and the memories came flooding back. I met Em & Eliza after I’d taken the ponio show jumping and we had a couple of drinks and a catch up. I had the Rioja off the Wine List on the chalkboard and it was great, see, it’s a real struggle today.

Saturday @ The Crown

Note to self: a spritzer is just as alcoholic as a regular glass of wine you moron.

For some reason in my little head, I picture a spritzer a bit like you would mix a cordial; just a drop of white wine in the bottom of the glass topped up with either sparkling water or sometimes lemonade. But it’s not that at all is it?

I met my friend and his charming dog (#mollieandmike) at The Crown in Stamford a bit later than planned because I found an entire bush of damsons while out riding. I popped back with the dogs and ransacked said bush and its fruits that are now in the freezer waiting to be turned into some glorious damson gin…blog post on that coming soon.

Viognier, Leduc, France 2016, £6.35 for a large glass

Viognier – pronounced ‘Veeonyay’

This white was full of all things I love; beautiful peachy flavours, a scent of blossom and high in alcohol. On the Wine Folly page, they say Viognier is for someone who likes to stop and smell the flowers, isn’t that lovely?

Tuesday @ Showcase Cinema Peterborough

This is relevant because I took two mini bottles of Le Petit Chat with me. I don’t understand why people spend loads on rubbish fizzy drinks when you can pay £1.99 for a mini bottle of a tasty red and have a far better time.

Waitrose, Le Petit Chat Malin Rouge 14%, France, Mini Bottle, £1.99

My friend Lydia and I had planned to see Atomic Blonde last week but we got the times mixed up so we tried our luck again this week. It was a 9:30pm viewing, so wine was definitely required. Atomic Blonde is a David Leitch film and I had high expectations…that were slightly let down. Lydia loved it, but I thought it was a bit staggered, the Stoli on ice was overdone, as were the fags and although the action scenes were filmed incredibly the script was pathetic.

**Spoiler Alert** Although you can pretty much work out the entire film from the advert, it opens with the chase of Theron’s bae and after being run over a few times by some bearded dude what does he say, “how did you find me?” before being shot in the head. I almost walked out there and then. You do have to hand it to Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella for an incredible performance, they did well with what they had to work with but you can’t just rely on their natural sexiness and great lingerie game to hide the fact that the script is a shocker.

That all being said, the soundtrack is fantastic and it takes you back to the unrest in Berlin beautifully, unrest probably isn’t the right word.

If you haven’t already tried Le Petit Chat, it’s a real go-to red that delivers every time and it is a screw top…handy. It’s fruity, spicy, rich and glorious and if I wasn’t on a quest to try all the wines I would probably have a glass every night.



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