Red, red wine 22/08/2017

22nd, goodness it’s my birthday in a month! When I was in year 7 and 8, what’s that around 12? I used to have pool parties to celebrate my birthday, in September! Either it’s climate change or I’ve got boring but you won’t catch me jumping in a freezing pool this year…I’ll probably be in a chilly lake instead, wakeboarding #nevergrowup

I have two reds to tell you about, that for once are easy to go and buy if you should so wish. One is a Waitrose number and the other, M&S.

Waitrose first, a cheeky buy from Mother Fenn on Sunday to go with some delicious roast lamb.

Camino Roja Gran Reserva Carinena, Spain, 2009, 13.5% and only £5.49 

This red is described as being aged to perfection ‘exclusively for Waitrose.’ It certainly tastes like it’s been well cared for. I enjoyed it immensely; deep fruity flavours and a robust finish, it paired with the lamb beautifully. If it’s good enough for Waitrose it’s good enough for me.

Chateau Les Croisille Cahors Malbec, 2014, 12.5% at £11

This is a seriously sophisticated red. It was actually a gift from my lodger, I say gift but I sort of asked for it in return for letting his girlfriend stay for a couple of nights, I’m quite mean like that. Didn’t he do well though, it’s a fabulous red and tastes phenomenal. I’d say it’s quite complex and there are notes of scrumpy (in a good way) then you get that very french full-bodied va va voom that real malbec wines offer, I’d buy it again.


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