Wine Bar Wednesdays 09/08/2017


I’ve been craving Stilton all week, not sure why. Tonight I satisfied that craving along with a couple of glasses of red, several other cheeses and some olives to round things off. The pain I’m currently in reminds me why I don’t divulge in my Stilton cravings too often, cheese agrees with me eventually but it definitely puts up a little argument first. Lactose impertinent we shall call it.

A Wine Bar Wednesday is a must, especially when I have the rare but always enjoyable company of my sister Harry.

Now, I started off with a Malbec which was a bit on the sharp side. I’m always suspicious when a) I don’t get to taste a drab first and b) the barman sniffs the bottle. Of course – sniffing the bottle is standard protocol but I’m out, I’m not at home and if it’s been open for a day or two I don’t want it.

After sort of enjoying the Malbec I chose to dip my toe into a trusty Syrah. The bronzed barman did indeed sniff the bottle again but by god did it whiff. I immediately got onto Jancis’ website and as I read ‘some of the less interesting Syrah’s resemble a scent of burning rubber’ or something along those lines, I knew what I’d been dealt.

This is a rare circumstance for me at Stamford’s Wine Bar; usually I don’t have a problem at all but I suppose mid week is a tricky one to gauge.

Luckily, the barman had a taste, agreed it was ghastly (perhaps from being open too long) and suggested I tried the Rioja as he had only just had some himself and said it was very pleasant.

The spanish saved the day and the Rioja was perfect. It’s a real leathery Rioja that practically smells of a new bridle, my nose was so sensitive tonight I don’t know what’s going on (I can guarantee I’m not pregnant.) It paired with the cheese perfectly and went down a treat – highly recommend.

Note to self: always request a taste first if you’re not sure.

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