Pink to make the boys wink 16/07/2017

As you may have gathered, I rather enjoy a perusal through The Sunday Times magazine. I’m a big fan of Matt Rudd, he writes a cracking interview, and I’m always curious to see what Will Lyons suggests to sip in his wine column. This week Will seems to have turned into a big spender:

“I urge you to save your pennies and trade up, because there are some truly fascinating wines to sample. It’s little wonder we drink so many.”

My sentiments entirely! How on earth are we supposed to keep up with the never ending production of fabulous wines unless we regularly consume them. Life is too short to stick to a safe Oyster Bay, live a little.

And so, at some point this week I will be looking for an Australian wine of Will’s recommendation and giving my verdict.

This weekend however, I shared one of last weeks Wimbledon Wine suggestions with the beautiful Emily Henriques and her extremely naughty puppy Merlin, who may have crafted himself a taste too, he really is the naughtiest spaniel I’ve ever met.

San Leo Nerello Mascalese Garganega NV

Italy, 11%

I must tell you with haste that this sparkling rosé is currently is a 1/3 of its original price in Waitrose making in an amicable £6.99. 

It’s simply delicious! A fruity but robust and sophisticated sparkling rosé that delivers exactly what one needs on a warm July evening.

And as for the tennis…

‘Venus eclipsed’ announce The Sunday Times this morning on the front of their sports section – I bet they’ve been waiting to say that for years. Although it helped heal the wound from Konta’s defeat, watching Muguruza absolutely smash Venus in that second set, we cannot deny Venus has given Wimbledon her all again this year and has been a pleasure (although sometimes quite scary) to watch.

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