Passion really does have red lips 13/07/2017

It’s Thursday, which means practically Friday right? I haven’t had a good glass of red all week but after a cheese craving, turned into a prosciutto craving turned into a this would go well with wine craving, I buckled and looked to the wine cupboard.

There’s nothing quite like staring up at those labels, examining the long necks and seeing which shy bottles are hiding at the back. Plain and shy just wasn’t going to do tonight, I needed a wine that was shouting at me. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the perfect wine to pipe up, ‘drink me’ it said, ‘I’m the darkest, tastiest, deepest in here…look no further’ and so here I am, sipping away at a 2016 Cabernet – Shiraz, named rather aptly Passion has Red Lips.

I first discovered Some Young Punks who create these wines with personalities in…you guessed it, The Old Bridge at Huntingdon, and they’ve never left my mind. As you’ll see from the picture (or may already know) their artwork is incredible, using vintage pin-up girl style drawings to tempt you towards the wines.

The Old Bridge no longer stock this wine but I found it on Twelve Green Bottles…the next on the list is Naked on Roller Skates. I can’t wait.

PASSION has Red Lips

Cabernet-Shiraz 2016

McLaren Vale, Australia 14.5% 

This is a dark wine, it’s rich and smacks you right on the lips. I’d also describe it as meaty…it’s a real tasty and wholesome red. It’s seriously good and I think it’s only £13.95, which is astounding really. The depth of flavour makes me think if I had two generous glasses I’d probably make some bad decisions but I’d still wake up feeling fresh, maybe.




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