Wine Bar Tuesdays 04/07/17

IMG_1623.JPGI write this from the ‘ambience’ of Stamford’s favourite Wine Bar. Turns out there are quite a lot of us sociable Tuesday drinkers and the bar is busy. Perhaps it’s because Tuesdays are depressing as f*** or maybe it’s because the weather is nice. Either way, we’re all having a lovely time and I’m drinking a rosé that is divine, with a miniature golden doodle sat upon my lap.

Campuget 1753

Syrah Vermentino

France, 13%

This is a sweet rosé, its pale pink in colour and is delicious. It’s got peachy flavours and it’s refreshing while comforting me that tomorrow is the middle of the week, and Friday isn’t too far after all. Michael (the owner of the golden doodle) tells me it’s very drinkable – visit Stamford and try some.

2 thoughts on “Wine Bar Tuesdays 04/07/17

  1. Love the idea of writing with a glass of wine by my side. Electric wine dispensers are a great tool to have and even better for quick refills!


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