A Waitrose bargain 29/06/2017

You need to be quick because the wine I’m about to review is currently only £5.99 in Waitrose (saving you £3) – and it’s delicious.

Anciano Gran Reserva Tempranillo

Valdepenas, Spain

2007, 13%

That’s right, 2007, this delicious wine has been getting tastier since it hit the wood ten years ago and boy has it aged well. You know instantly it’s been in oak barrels because it’s aroma is rich and heady like a wooden tack shop filled with beautiful leather western saddles…

I was with my sister Harry at the time of tasting and she announced, “It tastes like ice cream.” What Harry realised she meant was it actually tastes of vanilla. There is a slight sweetness to the full-bodied oaky-ness that makes you think of ice cream. It’s smooth and drinkable and I think you’d be a really silly sausage (as does Chunky) to not buy some to try yourself.

FullSizeRender (4)

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