Crozes-Hermitage 21/06/2017

So I’m not really sure why I called this blog Wining away the weekend, it sort of just came to me while I was watching House of Cards sipping some wine, deciding to write a blog. What I should have called it is, Wining away the whole entire week because I clearly have a problem.

I know I said I wasn’t going to update you until this weekend but I just thought screw it, it’s rude to say no when someone offers you something they’re clearly enthusiastic about. Along came what has become known as #humpday (Wednesday) and with it, an aerated Crozes-Hermitage which you pronounce ‘crows err-mi-tahj’ incase you didn’t know. I intend to write another blog on aerating wines so I won’t go into that now but I do believe any half-serious wine drinker needs one in the kitchen drawer.

Crozes-Hermitage 2014

Vallée du Rhône, France, 12.5%

This drinkable red is well-bodied like a lovely Clydesdale horse, perfect when you’re after a slightly deeper drink rather than the sweet rosés that I’ve been on lately.

It is quite spicy and comes with the richness that Syrah’s often produce, leading one to think it might be better suited to the winter months. But, when the sun hides her face and the storms approach I often find myself reaching for a solid red for comfort. All that was missing was a juicy beef welly and I’d have been in paradise.

This is a Majestic wine that you can buy for £11.49, by clicking here.


FullSizeRender (2)

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