Mondays 19/06/17


I read The Sunday Times magazine at the weekend, almost page to page while lying out in the sunshine getting frazzled. In the wine section, a wise man called Will Lyons writes about the secret to happy Mondays:

“Monday nights are special,” he says. “Energy levels are still high from the weekend, yet there is no pressure to go out and be sociable. It’s the perfect evening to indulge in a spot of comfort wine.”

Like the good citizen that I am, I took Will’s advice and invited a couple of friends over for some food and homemade Elderflower & Prosecco which swiftly moved on to Rosé then herbal tea before bed. Bed…what hell it was last night in the heat, I haven’t slept so badly in months, any recommendations for keeping cool, please send them this way!

Anyway, here is a review of a delightful Rosé from The Old Bridge wine shop at Huntingdon.

2016 Château Fontarèche Rosé

Corbieres, Southern France 13%

Buying from The Old Bridge for £10.95

Technical details first, this wine is a blend of the Picpoul Noir with Grenache and Syrah so I was expecting to like it very much. It’s quite a dry wine at first taste, but comes through with sweet after-notes that are verging on peachy. We were eating Moroccan lamb tagine with a light salad and some couscous that was filled with pomegranate seeds and raisons – so really refreshing. I didn’t move onto the wine until we had finished but I think it would pair well with lots of dishes, it’s just a versatile and delicious summer Rosé.


FullSizeRender (1)

Chunky the miniature dachshund did not consume any alcohol for this particular photo.







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