What a corker 19/06/17

This weekend saw some of the finest British sunshine we have had in years and it was a corker (pun intended)

We had some family over on Saturday (any excuse for a celebrations) and Sunday was of course Father’s Day so even more drinking ensued.

I also went to the delightful Wine Bar in Stamford on Friday evening where a few Rosés went down nicely followed by a spontaneous bottle of their lethal Fili Prosecco. I shall review outings in the near future, but Fili Prosecco is an all time favourite.

Unusually for me I drank rather a lot of white wine this weekend. I’m normally one to dodge a white but this warmer weather has led me to the cooler colour, here’s what I had:

Adnams Southwold 


England, Norfolk 2016 10.5%

How exciting, a tasty british white wine! This is produced by young couple Ben and Hannah Witchell at their winery in Waveney Valley. This a really refreshing white with almost a slight twang to it, but not sharp, make sense? You can buy it here.

Wolf Blass

Sparkling Brut

Pinot Noir Chardonnay, Premium Cuvée 11%

South Eastern Australia

This is a blended sparkling, from several different vintages for premium flavour… It is 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay and apparently the charmat method of secondary fermentation (in steel containers) was used to bring out the fruitiness…every day is a school day.

I really enjoyed this – it was very sweet but not too sweet. Drinkable, no acid-reflux (Moet kills me) and refreshing over a summer BBQ. I can’t find it online – so sadly can’t recommend where you should buy from this time.

Blason de Bourgogne


La Réserve, Burgundy, 2013, 12.5%

The grape variety of this chablis is Chardonnay, Chasan, Chasselas, Chenin Blanc, Cienna, Ciliegiolo, which seems rather a lot but I’m still learning lots about wine.

The Burgundy region in France has been churning out fantastic wines for longer than we can imagine. There is some evidence that viticulture existed in the second century A.D but back then, I imagine it was a lot safer than water. There is actually a really interesting article about the history of Burgundy wines on Winefolly if you are interested.

As for this Chablis, it’s a very pure white wine. It sort of reminds me of drinking neat vodka because it’s that smooth, but obviously it doesn’t taste like vodka… It has a slightly buttery, fragrant taste to it which is really pleasant with a summer fish dish. I think it would be so perfect with a fish platter, while looking out over the sea…Sainsbury stocks it at just £11.















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