Elderflower & Prosecco 17/06/17

I thought I’d get a quick post in before the weekend really kicks off – because you might find inspiration and order this special drink tonight!

I’ve had quite a busy week and on Tuesday evening I finally fulfilled by quest to make elderflower cordial. I followed the recipe on the BBC Good Food website but used 2kg of sugar instead of 2.5kg and more like 30 elderflower heads rather than the recommended 20.

It turned out really well, tastes like elderflower cordial should and there are no nasty after effects. Elderflower cordial is extremely refreshing so I thought I’d create a little cocktail in the form of a seasonal bellini and I popped some into my prosecco. I don’t think this is an original idea, I’m sure many people have done it before but if you haven’t, I suggest you give it a try!

The prosecco of choice was from the delightful Old Bridge Hotel wine shop again:

Di Paolo Prosecco – Italy

Vino Frizzante 10.5%

A tasty dry prosecco – I did have a few sips sans elderflower. This is a lightly sparkling fizz, it comes with the capped top and then you can use the attached stopper (nice touch) and keep it fizzy in the fridge. It is £10.95 which is at the pricey end of the spectrum for prosecco at home, but it’s worth it with its sophisticated taste that some of the supermarket brands I’d normally go for are missing.

All you need to to is put around 1cm of elderflower cordial in the bottom of your glass and top it up with prosecco and you’re good to go.

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