I had a busy Sunday, one that has left me feeling content. It started off as normal, I did the horses and got them all cosy for the day (they’re out at night at the moment and in during the day to stop them eating so much grass.) Then, I got Pappa Fenn organised and we headed to The Fitzwilliam Hunt’s Clay Shoot over in Steeple Gidding, a charming little village sort of near Huntingdon. We both shot above average of our PB’s around what was proving to be a technical course of clay pigeons and then had a dabble at the Pool shoot too.

Now, don’t put me down as a calculating naughty little person, I’m certainly not little, but I had worked out that this clay shoot was fairly close The Old Bridge Hotel at Huntingdon where I was due to pick up a box of wines I had ordered during the week. If you’re not aware of The Old Bridge Hotel, it is owned by John Hoskins MW and his wife Julia, the MW of course standing for Master of Wines, seriously impressive.

In the past I have been a member of Naked Wines, and a serial supermarket wine shopper amongst sourcing wine various other ways…

Anyway, The Old Bridge Hotel venture is a new one of mine and I hope to fill you in on everything I try there and in between! Here’s what touched my lips this weekend:

Domaine Felines Jourdan
Grenache Syrah
2015 – Coteaux de Bessilles

This wine was at first – slightly worrying. I quite like deep reds and upon pouring from great height (for dramatic effect) this wine looked thin and a bit bleugh. However, I should learn not to judge a wine by its colour. The Domaine Felines Jourdan hit the palate with a certain sharpness but the aftertaste was really pleasant, rich in that subtle way but with the powerful taste of a ‘go-to’ red.

You can find the red here: http://www.oldbridgewine.co.uk/product.php?shopvarid=1541

It is £8.95 which isn’t bad for a wine that goes with everything, quietens any mood and is a good all-rounder.

I should mention that any of the wines I mention are from me, none of this is sponsored. 

Next on the wine list this Sunday was from Dad’s box he receives through The Sunday Times Wine Society:

Camino de Seda
Vendimia 2015
Jumilla D.O.P. 14.5%

This is a really lovely red. Fruit deep and complex from the first taste and interesting enough that you remember you’re drinking a delicious wine each time you take a sip. I think I particularly love this red for it’s notes of Vanilla, I have always been a fan through nose and taste of the vanilla pod and the notes are subtle, but complimentary.

You can find this Spanish red on the BBC Goodfoods website: https://www.bbcgoodfoodwineclub.com/product/Wines-of-the-Year-2016-Mixed-Two-Case-Deal/67348

It’s a reasonable £8.99, definitely worth a try.

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